Heartbeat Instrumental

“We are the vessels better yet we are the muse to the music”

Heartbeat Instrumental creates a platform for artist to activate in their truth through interactive music experiences and skill sharing. Kings and Queens rising to reclaim divinity through self awareness, love and empowerment. Our Heartbeat is our innate connection to the natural rhythm of life expressed through rhythm, poetry, and wisdom. Melanated Moon Magic convey through experiences of music, soul and knowledge.


Blessings Kings and Queens. Knowledge Iz &  Priscilla Momah are reaching out for your support. They have been selected to participate in the Flow Festival 2018’s People Choice artist selection. Your vote helps us secure a spot at next years gathering. Thank you for support. You can vote once a day so I encourage you to vote as much as your heart desires hehe ❤️

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Knowledge Iz Music

Knowledge Iz is a hip hop artist who has a Dream of building bridges from community sharing wisdoms and inspiring others to activate in their truth. This King is not your ordinary lyricist.  He generates musical melodies that reveal his truth, knowledge that is raw, and authentic. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Knowledge Iz began sharing his music in 2015 after being encouraged by his community to continue sharing his message that uplifts and connects generations through rhythm and poetry. His music is a blend of jazzy old-school hip hop and 808 bass samplings which accents lyrics that drop wisdoms, a glimpse into realities of a young black king.  Knowledge Iz’s sound transcends the norm, making his way to the Big Island early 2017 sharing music throughout the Island and at Flow Fest in early February. Since connecting to Hawaii he has partnered with Priscilla Momah debuting their first music collaboration project titled ‘The journey’  and creating interactive music experience with an emphasis on skill sharing under the collective Heartbeat Instrumental.  In the spring of 2017 Knowledge Iz co-organized Heartbeat Instrumental first outreach event called Heart Reach where they provided a space for several artists to share music and connect with community. This even raised money for sustainable gardening workshops proved through Hilo UrbFarm. This Summer Knowledge shared the vibes at Project Earth, Earth Rhythms, Art-A-Whirl, the Full Apex Solar Eclipse Gathering and throughout Minnesota and Ohio.  After sharing music this summer throughout the Twin Cities, and Midwest Knowledge Iz returns to the Big Island late October activating his fall tour titled ‘The Divine’. This tour will be debuting new music from his collaboration project with artist Priscilla Momah. ‘The Divine’ Tour kick starts in Hilo live at the Tea Room at Perfect Harmony.

Priscilla Momah Music

Bear witness to the soulful melodies of Priscilla Momah, a song weaver sharing the healing power of music through shared experiences of growth on her journey throughout the mainland and Hawaii. Originally from Minnesota, she has spread her roots in Colorado, Ohio and the Big island of Hawaii.  In 2015 Priscilla Momah moved to the Big Island of Hawaii diving deeper into the medicine and magic of music. Her style awakens divinity through song and mantras that inspire her audience in ways that activate self-love and acknowledgment of our own light. Priscilla also shares her medicine through creating interactive musical experience. In 2017 she founded Heartbeat Instrumental a collective with Knowledge Iz. Together they toured throughout the Big Island of Hawaii sharing the vibes at Flow Fest and throughout Hilo while collaborating on their first music project titled ‘The Journey’. Both Priscilla and Knowledge Iz have been providing music and skill-share experiences while collaborating on several music projects. Priscilla Momah and Knowledge Iz are currently activating a fall tour called the ‘The Divine’, the title of the upcoming collaboration album. Through Heartbeat Instrumental Priscilla Momah facilitated and co-organized Heart Reach, an interactive music experience and Womb Weavers Gathering, a woman’s retreat to grow and uplift community and collaborating with Hilo Urbfarm to continue creating music and skill share events.  This Summer Priscilla Momah toured the mainland sharing music at the Womb Weavers Gathering, Project Earth, Earth Rhythms, Art-A-Whirl, the Full Apex Solar Eclipse Gathering, FEMN Fest and throughout the Twin Cities.  She will be touring this fall throughout the Big Island kick starting ‘The Divine’ tour at Perfect Harmony live in the Tea Room in downtown Hilo.

Melanated Moon Magic

There is magic revealed when you start awakening your truth. Know who you are


Coming Soon!!

The Divine

A collaboration music project between Priscilla Momah and Knowledge Iz.


Vibe out to Knowledge Iz and Priscilla Momah’s first collaboration project titled ‘The Journey’